Coinbase to Unleash Lightning Network, Push Crypto to New Heights

Coinbase Considering UAE for International Hub

• Coinbase is exploring the potential of establishing an international hub in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
• Binance is working to enable Bitcoin’s lightning network and has noted that Bitcoin ‘outflows’ are internal wallet movements.
• The increasing number of Bitcoin transactions highlights the importance of the Lightning Network.

Binance Listing Pushes Floki and Pepe Up More Than 50%

• Binance recently listed Floki and Pepe, two digital tokens that have seen their prices surge more than 50% as a result.

Blockchain Becoming Solution for ESG

• Blockchain technology has emerged as a potential solution for corporations looking to meet carbon offset commitments, ESG reporting, and capital allocation requirements.
• According to Bank of America estimates, carbon offsets must increase by 30 to 50 times or even 300 times in order to ensure companies meet sustainability goals.

Capital Allocation and Regulation Through Blockchain

• Corporations can use blockchain technology to both allocate capital and comply with regulations in relation to sustainability issues.

Microsoft Could Face High Costs To Comply With Carbon Offset Requirements

• Microsoft currently emits 16 million tonnes of CO₂ annually, meaning compliance with carbon offset requirements could cost them tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.