Fed Capitulates: Daily Swap Lines for Bitcoin Feeds Off Liquidity

• The Fed and five central banks have announced to enhance liquidity via USD swap lines.
• Weekly USD swap line operations with the Fed will now become daily experience for five of the main central banks.
• This move is expected to result in billions if not trillions of liquidity incoming in the short-medium term.

The Fed Enhances Liquidity Via USD Swap Lines

The Federal Reserve and five major central banks (Bank of England, Bank of Canada, European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, and Bank of Japan) have announced an enhancement to liquidity via US Dollar (USD) swap lines. These swap line operations with the Fed will now be conducted on a daily basis instead of weekly as was previously done.

Benefits Of Daily Swap Line Operations

The shift from weekly to daily US Dollar swap line operations offers several benefits both to the financial system and individual institutions. For starters, this provides distressed banks with access to more immediate liquidity (in the form of US Dollars). Furthermore, it allows for balance sheet expansion as a result of billions or even trillions worth of new liquidity entering into circulation over the short-medium term.

Potential Impacts On Crypto Markets

Many analysts expect that this move by the Fed could bring about positive impacts on cryptocurrency markets as well due to increased global liquidity. As Bitcoin has been known to feed off other forms of global liquidity such as quantitative easing measures implemented by central banks around the world, this could potentially lead to further price appreciation in BTC and other digital assets.

Research Analyst’s Take

James Van Straten, a research analyst at CryptoSlate commented on this news saying: „The fed and five central banks have just announced to enhance liquidity via USD swap lines…Swap line operations with the fed will now be daily instead of weekly…Distressed banks can now get liquidity (dollars) from the fed daily.“ He also added that „the result is balance sheet expansion — billions if not trillions of liquidity incoming in the short-medium term.“


This announcement by The Fed and its partners shows their commitment towards ensuring financial stability through enhanced liquidty access for all participants within their respective markets. While it remains unclear what sort of impact this might have on crypto markets, many are expecting positive results given Bitcoin’s correlation with global economic events such as these.