Get Paid by the Second: Token Streaming to Disrupt Global Liquidity

• BlockFi CEO neglected warnings about FTX prior to collapse, court docs say
• Binance has quietly laid off 1,000 or more employees in recent weeks; may slash workforce by up to 30%: WSJ
• Alex Mashinsky out on $40M bail; ‘vehemently’ denies fraud charges

Get Paid By the Second as Token Streaming Looks to Disrupt Global Liquidity

Token streaming is a developing technology that looks to disrupt global liquidity by allowing users to be paid quickly and efficiently. This technology is powered by blockchains and smart contracts and could revolutionize how businesses make payments. The technology allows for payments in small increments over time, instead of needing immediate payment upfront. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their cash flow without having to wait for large sums of money at once.

BlockFi CEO Neglected Warnings About FTX Prior To Collapse, Court Docs Say

Court documents recently surfaced showing that BlockFi CEO Zac Prince had been warned about the potential risks associated with the FTX exchange prior to its collapse last year. Despite these warnings, Prince allegedly continued investing funds into the platform without taking adequate measures to protect customers‘ assets or ensuring that they were properly regulated. This negligence eventually led to significant losses for investors when the exchange went bust due to mismanagement and fraud.

Binance Has Quietly Laid Off 1,000 Or More Employees In Recent Weeks; May Slash Workforce By Up To 30%: WSJ

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Binance has been quietly laying off employees over the past few weeks in an effort to reduce costs. The layoffs are part of a larger restructuring effort that could potentially result in a workforce reduction of up to 30%. The layoffs come amid increasing regulatory scrutiny from governments around the world which have forced the company into making difficult decisions regarding staffing levels going forward.

Alex Mashinsky Out On $40M Bail; ‚Vehemently‘ Denies Fraud Charges

Alex Mashinsky, founder of Celsius Network, was recently released on $40 million bail following his arrest last month on multiple counts of fraud and money laundering charges. He has denied all accusations against him „vehemently“ and claims he is innocent of any wrongdoing. His trial date is set for August 2023 and it will likely be one of the most closely watched trials in crypto history given his prominence within the industry and significant legal implications surrounding his alleged actions.

The Talks To Watch Out For At EthCC this Week

CryptoSlate has put together a list of talks at this year’s Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) that promise valuable insights into developments within the Ethereum ecosystem such as scaling Web3 social without compromising ownership security or decentralization as well as exploring euro stablecoins markets, regulations driving growth, utility use cases for stablecoins along with many others topics being discussed throughout this week-long event